Wednesday, 19 April 2017

sally's picks - week 15: THREAD

Threads to tie and threads to hold,
Threads to heal and threads of gold.
So many threads of many kinds,
From wool that warms to love that binds.

Thanks to everyone who participated in THREAD week.  Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to do an illustration this week, but I loved seeing all of your creations.  Here are my picks of the week:

Melissa Johns

Archana Sehgal

Allison Howard

Brooke Reedlunn

Clara Cook

Colin Rowe

Deborah Drake Norris

Esther Coetzee
Joanne Kelly

Joanne Stead

Marie Laure Fontan

Melissa Johns

Melissa Tan

Miranda Wilkinson

Shaney Hyde

Suzanne Pritchard

Michelle Kempees-Lewis

Nancy Broza

Susannah Crispe

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