Wednesday, 26 April 2017

heidi's picks - week 16: EXPERIMENT

It's been wonderful to see so many people experimenting with their arts practice for this week's theme!  Not to mention all the fabulous science-based illustrations.  Thank you to everyone in our beautiful community for contributing.  The following are my absolute faves (in no particular order)!

Anja Shneck

Anya Kopotilova

Charlie James

Claire D'Arcy

Colin Rowe

Dalia Cristovao

Danny Zemp

Darren Lebeuf
Di Jin

Jason Philp

Joanne Stead

Judy Watson

Jutta Berend

Katie Stewart

Kerrie Robertson

Kim Phelan

Kirsty Collett

Margaret Schons

Margaret Dewar

Melissa Johns

Nancy Broza

Natania Hollingsworth

Olga Tiss

Sandie Fletcher

Sandra Bell
Clara Cook

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