Wednesday, 2 November 2016

tania's picks: week 43: RAINBOW

Melissa Johns

I seem to score the most beautiful weeks when it comes to 'picks' here on the Challenge blog--but then, I guess all weeks are beautiful on the Challenge!

Nonetheless, I was truly lifted up and taken somewhere over the rainbow during week 43--what a truly gorgeous week of colour-spectrum-delight.

Here are the images that resonated with me this week. There are many, many more amazing illos on the Challenge wall right now--so do take a peek!


Prue Pittock

Cara King

Anna Freeman

Penelopes Nest

Shani Nottingham

Fiona Weir

Harvey age 9

Viki Lea Stokes

Leonie Cheetham

Lotten Brodén

Luis David Lopez‎

Ashleigh O'Lynn‎

Markjohn Glass

Tanja Hilgers‎

Ramona Davey‎

Sally Fawcett

Tina van Dijk

Marie Laure Fontan

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