Wednesday, 23 November 2016

penelope's picks- week 46: TREEHOUSE

What a TREE - mendous week it's been for the challenge. There is something truly magical about the idea of a treehouse. Whether it's a bird's beautifully crafted nest, a place to call your own, a childhood hide-away or an imagined whimsy. Wood you like to see them? I'll leaf now.

Penny Fisher

Amie Saladin
Chava Berele
Brooke Reedlunn
Alfonso Lourido
Clara Cook

Daniela Ba

Akemi Ito

Ivan Smith
Janet Murphy
Joshua Hurtado
Austen Gordon
Josie 13 years

Cara King

Leonie Cheetham

Katja Landowski-Mertes

Ramon Davey

Kerrie Robertson

Shani Nottingham

Melissa Johns

Margaret Dewar

Marta Tesoro

Vanessa Pritchard

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