Wednesday, 31 August 2016

penelope's picks - week 34: INTRICATE

Intricate - the art of not being simple. 
Much like choosing this weeks picks. It was certainly not a simple process. There were so many incredibly detailed works to choose from. I have chosen those that truly made my heart sing and my soul gasp at the intricacies of their design and execution. 

Ashleigh O'Lynn‎

Alfonso Lourido‎

Anna Cherkasova‎

Joanne Stead‎

Demelsa Haughton‎

Clara Cook‎

Mikhaila Pritchard‎

Vair Buchanan‎

Ruth Walmsley‎

Matt Glover‎

Marta Tesoro‎

Leonie Cheetham‎

Katie W Stewart‎

Krista Jurgensen‎

Kerrie Robertson‎

Melissa Johns‎

Vanessa Pritchard‎


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