Wednesday, 24 August 2016

sally's picks - week 33: FATHER

Fathers are just so important. All these gorgeous images this week were so lovely to see. Especially beautiful were the ones showing Fathers teaching and caring for their children.  I have few memories of my own father from when I was very young, but one of them was of him teaching me to ride a bike on Rottnest Island.  One image here reminded me of that.

Amanda Hunt

Amie Sabadin

Bruno Clement

Cara King

Elizabeth Bostic

Ivan Smith

Janet Murphy

Josie age 12

Kristy Russell

Leonie Cheetham

Linda Graham DAgostino

Luciana Borghi

Margaret Dewar

Marie Laure Fontan

Michele Kempees-Lewis

Ramona Van Bakkum

Sarah Elizabeth Hewitt

Vanessa Pritchard

Zanni Louise

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