Wednesday, 7 September 2016

leonie's picks - week 35: GRANDFATHER

What a fabulous week! Grandfather theme had many different interpretations, whether it be clocks, memories, portraits, human and animal characters or just a reflection of grandfathers having a special place in our heart and the importance of the values they have handed down to us.  I especially liked it as it made me recall so many heartfelt memories of my own grandfather.

Here are a few of the illustrations that tugged at my heart strings this week and thank you for sharing so many poignant memories.

Prue Pittock

 Alison Smallwood

 Arkapriya Koley

 Becky Lazarevic
 Clara Cook

 Elin (Aged 5yrs)

 Ivan Smith

Joanne Stead

 Karen Balsar

 Katherine Harper

 Katja Landowski-Merks

 Kerrie Robertson

 Lex McKay

 Lola Azul

 Margaret Dewar

Marie Laure Fontan

 Michelle Kempees-Lewis

Och Gonzalez Umlas
Penelope's Nest

 Ramona Van Bakkum

Samantha Cohen

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  1. So glad to see my illustration in this lovely challenge!!. Thank you very much. I'm learning and enjoying a lot.


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