Thursday, 17 March 2016

nicky's picks - week 10: ANIMAL all I can say. The theme 'ANIMAL' has blown my mind! Thank you everyone for posting such wonderful images!

Here are just some of the amazing artwork from this week's theme......

x Nicky
Samantha Cohen

Becky Lazarevic

Benjamin Johnston

Cara King

Claire Weigall - Elsa (4)

Elisa Paganelli

Elizabeth Bostic

Erin Johnson

Geni Saunders

Heidi Cooper Smith

Izabela Ward

Janet Murphy

Joyee Neogi

Kasia Gudacz

Katha Schwarz

Katharine Haper

Killary Reid

Kimberly Ong

Laura Stitzel

Lisa Coutts

Lizzle Manizzle

Lynn Tait - Elin (4)

Natalie Daniel

Neridah McMullin

Penelopes Nest

Pennie Lonie

Susan Ruming

Tanja Hilgers

Tegan Lander

Vair Buchanan

Vaughan Duck

Viktoia Takacs

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  1. I love these! So glad I discovered this AMAZING group!!! Hooray! You're great!


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