Wednesday, 23 March 2016

leonie's picks - week 11: MOTHER

Mother is an evocative word and our Challenge Wall this week quickly filled with beautiful artwork of varied reflections of maternal love, memories, joy and sadness - whether it be human, animal or pertaining to our Earth. I particularly liked that members portrayed the role of mother not necessarily as always shiny and bright, but at times a daily struggle that so many of us know only too well.

I give you my picks, reflecting ones that called to me in some way, not necessarily the most liked or commented on, but ones that brought back either a memory, a smile or a tear of understanding for me of my mother or of me being a mother. A big hurrah to all mothers out there! Please do visit our Challenge Wall to check out all our amazing Mother themed artwork.

Joanne Stead

Anita Howard

Annie Hamilton-Grundy 

 Asmita (10 yrs old)

 Caelene D'Arcy

 Christina Dimitrakopoulou

 Clara Cook

 Dalia Cristova
 Damien Thomasz

 Daniel Corcoran
 Elizabeth Anne Dodd
 Elizabeth Bostic
Gabrielle Quispe 

 Heidi Cooper Smith
 Ilaria Musazzi
 Isabelle Monnerot-Dumaine

Kirsty Collett

Leeanne Russell 

 Linda Graham D'Agostino

Marie Laure Fontan 

Michi Lee 

 Penelopes Nest
 Peter Hinton
Sonya Oyston
Tais Brias Avila 

Tanja Hilgers 

Vanessa Pritchard

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