Wednesday, 5 August 2015

trish's picks - week 30: PORTRAIT

What an incredible week... so crazily hard to make a selection! I was totally blown away by the talent on the wall this week! Thankyou all for sharing your wonderful artworks.

Here is just a few of the many pieces I loved.

Penny Fisher

 Chrystal Rankin 

 Hayley Atkinson

 Heidi Cooper

 Ian McLean

 Izabela Ward

 Jess Racklyeft

 Jolanda Jarman

 Lex McKay

 Linda Graham D'Agostino

 Michele Kempees-Lewis

 Nicky Johnston

 Peter Hinton

 Raffaella Picotti

 Sally Fawcett

 Sophie Pittaway

 Vickie Stokes

Vanessa Pritchard

Alina Alexandra

Alison Smallwood

Amanda Hunt

Anne L-y So

Annet Weelink

Aska Theillustrator

Betty Sargeant

Bronny Boniface

Clara Cook

Damien Thomasz

Dave Liew

Deborah Parker‎

Evon Lim

Judy O'Brien

Julie StAubyn

Karen Allen

Karen Erasmus

Kate Bouman

Katharine Harper

Kathleen Potter

Leonie Cheetham

Lisa-Marie Kerr

Margaret Dewar

Maureen Ann Lacey

Natalie Daniel

Oana Dumitru

Samantha Cohen

Sarah Ang

Sarah Hart

Vair Buchanan


  1. An extraordinary week for sure! Thank you for picking mine to go alongside all these other wonderful offerings :)

  2. Some great portraits. I missed loads of these. Thanks for including mine :)


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