Wednesday, 19 August 2015

nicky's picks - week 32: FABRIC

I am always so thrilled to see the wall flooded with artworks for each new theme. I didn't quite know what to expect for the week 'FABRIC'.....but as always I was very impressed with the beautiful and original ideas that have been created.

These are the illustrations that I fell in love with this week....

x Nicky

Allison Smallwood

Amy Haynes
Clare Johnson

Deborah Parker

Gary Dadd

Janet Murphy

Joanne Stead

Jolanda Jarman

Judy O'Brien

Leonie Cheetham

Lex McKay

Linda Graham D'Agostino

Liz Duthie

Lynn Tait - Teddy (4) and Elizabeth (2)

Margaret Dewar

Marie Charrois

Ramona Van Bakkum

Sarah Hart

Sonya Oyston

Sophia Tsorbaris

Susan Ruming

Tony Dalla Venezia

Trish Ward

Vanessa Pritchard

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