Friday, 6 February 2015

Our 2015 Logo Comp Winner!

We are excited to announce the winner of the Challenge Logo Design competition.

Congratulations to...... Sally-May Lott

I am a loved wife, Mum of three and a Kiwi.

I come from a visually creative family, with Mum playing a huge role in inspiring my siblings and I during our childhood. She would sit with us and just draw, with whatever we had on hand - usually crayons and pencils. In my teenage years I studied art and photography at College (High School), but did not pursue them further. A few sketches here, a doodle there, were all I had to show for the next decade or so. Life was busy and fulfilling with 3 little ones spread over 3 ¼ years.

In May 2014 my Facebook news feed informed me that an Aunty had 'liked' the Challenge. My curiosity was piqued, my youngest had just started school, and I thought the discipline of submitting weekly was just what was needed. I dove in.

The 52-Week Illustration Challenge has exceeded my expectations - I have tried new mediums (discovering a leaning towards digital), am bolder when tackling new subjects and have met fabulous new people (such an encouraging environment!). I am a more joyous person than I was in my teens, and I have come to realise my choices of colour reflect that - bold bright cheerful colours are my preference. The Challenge has brought unexpected joy within my family life too - I am now a Mum who sits and draws with her children. What a blessing!

After a very dedicated approach to the Challenge last year, this year I am hoping to focus on projects close to my heart - such as writing and illustrating a book with my 7 year old daughter. With the help of Founder Tania McCartney's 'Fantastical Flying Creator' course, I am also investigating what my future may hold artistically, and how to face further challenges within the art realm. I sincerely hope to encourage other Mums, with artistic leanings long put on the back-burner, to take up the 52-Week Illustration Challenge!

I was genuinely surprised and humbled that my logo has been chosen from among such talented illustrators and designers. I am conscience that I have MUCH to learn, but I am so grateful that I am taking this journey alongside such kind folk.

A sincere thank you to all the administration team and our founder, Tania - this Challenge would not exist without your commitment and labour. You are all treasures.

I whole heartedly thank the Lord Jesus Christ, Creator of all, for making us all in His image - including our natural creativity.

~ Sally-May Lott

We also have a new 'website logo button' (in the right hand column) that you can proudly wear to your own website or blog. Simply copy and paste the code in the box to include it on your website.

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