Tuesday, 24 February 2015

exhibition shortlist - November

Week 45 - LEAVES

Deborah Parker

Heidi Cooper

Joanne Lew-Vriethoff

Lina-Marie Catto

Luisa Gioffre-Suzuki

Steve Spargo

Week 46 - CIRCUS

Vanessa Pritchard

Andrea Wallace

Aura Parker

Cara King

Jess Racklyeft

Tania McCartney

Week 47 - NEW YORK

Liz Anelli

Margaret Dewar

Sonya Oyston

Tania McCartney

Tiffany Tregenza

Vanessa Pritchard

Week 48 - FOX

Hayley Atkinson

Heidi Cooper

József Vass

Kelly Artist

Odette Teerink

Sophie Pittaway

Stay tuned for December's shortlist - next Tuesday!

The finals will not be revealed until the Exhibition Opening on Monday 9 March, at Bookfield Place, Perth. A full report of the Opening will be posted on the blog by 12 March.

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