Wednesday, 4 February 2015

lisa-marie's picks - week 4: INSECTS

“ Butterflies are not insects, “ Captain John Sterling said soberly. “They are self-propelled flowers.” - Robert A. Heinlein

What a glorious week insects turned out to be. So many tiny creatures, who play a crucial role in our eco system so gloriously depicted in illustrations that filled the wall.

Below are a few of the pieces that resonated with me this week.

Thank you to all of the talented artists that post to the wall. You make my heart smile every day as your gorgeous work fills my news feed.

Alisha Jensen

Alison Smallwood

Ana Karen San

Anne L-y So

Aura Parker

Bea Straube

Belladonna Raudvee

Bronny Boniface

Celeste Hulme

Ces Adorio

Chris Kennett

Elin (3)

Freya Zazu

Heidi Copper

Helen McGuire

Imogen Appleton

Ina Reyes De Vera

Isabeau Jane

Jen Mueller- Barton

Joanne Stead

Julie StAubyn

Karen Allen

Kathi Rotter

Grace (8)

Louise Harland- Cox

Natalie Daniel

Nicky Johnston

Patricia Ward

Paul Heppell

Romona Van Bakkum

Samantha Cohen

Suzy Houghton

Vicky Pratt

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  1. What fab choices. I missed half of them on the fb page and so glad to catch them here!


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