Friday, 5 December 2014

learn: Digital painting with Kelly McDonald

I've been playing around with digital painting for a little while now, and I think I have way. I use a Wacom tablet using Photoshop CS4. I always copy a layer to work on. My drawing skills don't come easy so I tend to erase a lot. This is one reason why I like to create digitally.

Draw a quick sketch.

STEP 1 - Sketch
On a new layer, begin by blocking in colours. Select the smudge tool, and a textured brush of your liking. Make sure that 'sample all' is selected and the strength is up quite high (approx 80). Start to blend. I use a lower strength number (approx 20-30) when I paint skin.

STEP 2 - Block the colour

STEP 2 - Smudge the colour
Add more colour, then smudge, add some highlight, then smudge, add more colour, then smudge. Continue doing this.

STEP 3 - Add more colour

STEP 3 - Add highlights

STEP 3 - Smudge

Add shading for shadows, building it up and continuing to smudge.

STEP 4 - Add shading

STEP 4 - Smudge
Finish with some final highlights. You can also dodge and burn at this point too, but I have only tried it once.

STEP 5 - Add highlights

STEP 5 - Smudge

To see more of Kelly's work:

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