Tuesday, 16 December 2014

exhibition shortlist - January

Week 1 - EGGS

Jeffery Doherty

Jennifer Olsen

Mitch Vane

Gabrielle Wang

Yvonne Mes

Laura Allen-Andrews

Week 2 - KIDS

Hilal Can

Lisa Loffredo

Christina Booth
Mitch Vane

Michelle Evans

Gwynne McGinley

Week 3 - CARAVAN

Adriana Mahne

Vicky Noel Hilder

Jason Philp

Susan Ruming

Bettina Dodson

Gwynne McGinley

Week 4 - SELFIE

Jennifer Olsen

Patricia Ward

Sheryl Gwyther

Rebecca Horsburgh

Melissa Fiorenza

Week 5 - FLOWER

Leila A Nabih

Adriana Mahne

Kirrili Lonergan

Ramona Davey

Charms Le Den

Leonie Cheetham

Stay tuned for February's shortlist - next Tuesday!

The finals will not be revealed until the Exhibition Opening on Monday 9 March, at Bookfield Place, Perth. A full report of the Opening will be posted on the blog by 12 March.

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