Wednesday 17 December 2014

jess's picks - week 50: CHRISTMAS

Ho ho ho! What an honour to be able to select this week's picks, for a very special time of year. There were so many beautiful, festive and celebratory artworks with a great range of mixed media being used, and many people creating with their kids and grand kids which is what Christmas is all about!

On a different note... It's been a hard week for Sydney and the rest of Australia with the recent, very tragic events. Christmas is a time for spending with your nearest and dearest, and bringing kindness to your family, neighbour, or even a stranger. A time of giving and celebrating life.Thank you to all of the '52 artists who reminded us about this through their beautiful Christmas illustrations for this week.

Alejandro Echavez
Alisha Jensen
Anne L-ySo
Bettina Dodson
Cecilia Clark
Charu Jain
Damien Thomasz
Dee White
Greg Tsiatis
Gwynne McGinley
Hannah Grace
Heidi Cooper
Irina Zatica Trzaskos
Janet Murphy
Judy Watson
Kaye Llewelyn
Kayleen West Cavill
Kerry Daley
Leonie Cheetham
Lisa-Marie Kerr
Liz Anelli
Lynn Tait and Elin
Majory Gardner
Margaret Dewar
Marla Lesage
Meg Mader
Melissa Florenza
Melissa Tan
Mitch Vane
Nicky Johnston
Odette Teerink
Patrica Pinsk
Patricia Ward
Penny Fisher
Rachel Hardman
Shelly Wild
Tania McCartney

Vair Buchanan

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