Wednesday 27 August 2014

nicky's picks - week 34: BUTTERFLY

I've been looking forward to this week's theme 'Butterfly' because I could predict the high standard of talent that would be created. I have not been disappointed.

I hope you enjoy the huge list of creations I have included in this week's picks. I thoroughly enjoyed everyone's wonderful and creative artwork that continued to brighten my news feed.

x Nicky
Skye Robertson
Aura Parker
Leonie Cheetham
Tania McCartney
Clare Crow
Jenny Moundfield
Natalie Daniel
Patricia Pinsk
Samira Mi
Tania McCartney
Melissa Tan
Vicky Pratt
Charms Le Den
Liz Anelli
Penny Fisher
Bettina Dodson
Vanessa Pritchard

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