Wednesday, 6 August 2014

natalie's picks - week 31: LINES

I loved scrolling through this weeks theme 'LINES'. The wide variety of interpretations and technique left me feeling very inspired.

I hope you enjoy my picks this week as much as I have.


Kristen Okeeffe
Amanda Gillespie

Anne Trott

Gwynne McGinley

Jacque Duffy

Jess Rackyeft

Judy Watson

Kate Bouman
Louise Tesoriero

Sonya Oyston

Katie W Stewart

Lee Moir

Leonie Cheetham

Lisa-Marie Kerr

Margaret Dewar

Penny Fisher

Phil Kavanagh

Robert J Leaso- Cobb

Sally Fawcett
Mel Gannon

Sam Burgess

Tania McCartney

Vair Buchanan

Vicky Pratt

Yvonne Mes

Kim Bergstrom

Tania McCartney

Bettina Dodson

Diane McWhirter

Kathe Hennessy
Nicky Johnston

Nicole Trapnell


  1. Great selection Natalie - many I didn't see and so diverse (thanks for adding me too!). Glad to see Tania in there too - she never picks her own fab work :) xx

    1. Thanks Jess, I loved your line work :) and Tania's. Not an easy task with so many talented artists xxx


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