Wednesday, 20 August 2014

natalie's picks - week 33: TOY

It was wonderful to reminisce in the joys of childhood and see the many treasures that made up this weeks theme TOY.

The talent this challenge highlights is such a pleasure to witness, here are some of the picks that resonated with me the most this week.



Heidi Cooper
Tania McCartney
Kylie Box
Bettina Dodson
Mel Gannon
Maree Healey
Kristen Okeeffe
Katie W Stewart
Leonie Cheetham
Lindy Bayley
Margaret Dewar
Jessica Guthrie
Nicky Johnston
Penny Fisher
Sally Fawcett
Deborah Parker
Patrica Ward
Samira Mi
Suzy Houghton
Vair Buchanan
Damiem Thomasz
Vicky Pratt
Odette Teerink
Jess Racklyeft
Skye Robertson
Penny Fisher
Paul Heppell
Sophie Pittaway
Heather (6)
Phil Kavanagh
Hugo (9)
Samantha Indigo Zaleski
Grace (7)

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