Wednesday, 16 April 2014

tania's picks - week 15: DETAIL

It's amazing how challenging a theme like DETAIL can be--you would think it would be a breeze, but its interpretation has been an interesting one. Not only do I love the talent of the members in this Challenge, but the ideas and creativity is equally as mind-blowing.

I hope you enjoy my picks for this week--these are pieces that particularly resonated with me, but there are plenty more stunning pieces on the facebook group page.

Andrea Wallace

Clare Crow

Dana Haigh

Debbie Kiem

Dee White

Denyse Whelan

Detta Tea

Heidi Cooper

Anita Howard

Heidi Cooper

Christina Booth

Irene Buckler

Jessica Guthrie

Josephine Hoban

Joshua, age 7

Kate Bouman

Kate King

Dee White

Kim Bergstrom

Lee Moir

Leonie Cheetham

Lyn Lewis

Marjory Gardner

Mary Flynn

Michelle Evans

Monica Kidd

Nicky Johnston

Paul Heppell

Heidi Cooper

Rebecca Webb

Renee Seaman Treml

Richelle Sanders

Rina Abuzar

Sally Fawcett

Skye Robertson

Sophie Pittaway

Stephanie Owen Reeder

Suzy Houghton

Tony Dalla Venezia

Tracey Lennon

Trish Davis

Valerie Carr

Vicky Pratt

Tony Dalla Venezia

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