Wednesday, 2 April 2014

tania's picks - week 13: WATER

What a delightfully watery theme we have enjoyed this week, with all manner of amazing interpretation. Here are just some of the beautiful works that resonated with me.

Lucinda Gifford

Maree Healey

Amy Gutteridge

Ashleigh Poynter

Annabel Kennedy

Burcu Musselwhite

Art Circus

Clare Crow

David Murphy

Daniel Groneberg

Dee White

Detta Tea

Diane McWhirter

Don Lopez

Ellie Greenfield

Heidi Cooper

Janine Rts

Jen Barton

Jess Racklyeft

Kim Bergstrom

Lily, age 5

Melissa Fiorenza

Meryl Harris

Melissa Tan

Milka Jejovic

Natalie Daniel

Ramona Davey

Nicky Johnston

Renee Seaman Treml

Sharon Hennessey

Sonya Oyston

Sophie Pittaway
Thalia Rey Lescure

Tracey Lennon

Trish Davis

Zeke, age 4

Sophie Pittaway

Christina Booth

Dana Haigh

Olivia, age 11

Elizabeth Taylor

Grace, age 7

Jennifer Bell

Milla, age 5

Oscar, age 5

Paloma Hodgins

Patricia Ward

Penny Fisher

Tony Flowers

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  1. It is so great that you do a recap post of the themes each week - I am always amazed at the ones I have missed on the Facebook page which I follow avidly! Such a fantastic selection and so much talent. :-)


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