Wednesday, 9 April 2014

tania's picks - week 14: SIMPLICITY

This week's theme--SIMPLICITY--was tougher than expected! It nonetheless yielded some spectacular results. So many wonderful pieces, and here are just some of the artworks that resonated with me this week.

Kate Bouman

Aura Parker

Anne Trott

David Bailey

Abigail Grace Kern

Cecilia Clark

Danielle Fontaine Tran

David Murphy

Detta Tea

Diane McWhirter

Elizabeth Taylor

Grace, age 7

Dee White

Greg Tsiatis

Gwynne McGinley

Jacqui Petersen

Detta Tea

Janine Rts

Jess Racklyeft

Helene Magisson

Irene Buckler

Jessica Guthrie

Jo Freitag

Judy Watson

Kayleen West Cavill

Kelly McDonald

Kristen Hardy

Kristy Teal

Judy Watson

Laura Rackham

Lucie Mammone

Marnie Mazzola

Melissa Tan

Michelle Evans

Michelle Warren

Milka Pejovic

Natalie Daniels

Nicky Johnston

Judy Watson

Paul Heppell

Penny Fisher

Rebecca Web

Richelle Sanders

Sarah Epstein

Sheryl Gwyther

Sue Neal

Susan Ruming

Teresa Lawrence

Tony Flowers

Nicky Johnston

Tracey Lennon

Trish Davis

Vicki Noel Hilder

Jessica Guthrie

Yvonne Mes

Vicky Pratt

Wijnanda Van Leeuwen

Yvonne Mes

Leonie Cheetham

Kayleen West Cavill

Jo Freitag

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  1. It sure was an amazing week! I love your tastes too, Tania. :)


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