Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Matt's Picks - Week 33: SADNESS

52 Week Illustration Challenge

Week 33: Sadness

As well as working as a cartoonist/illustrator, I run a private counselling practice in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs. I deal with the roller coaster of human emotions every day.

We don’t like feeling sad, but the reality is that sadness is a normal (and necessary) part of being human. We don’t have to fix it. We learn to sit with it, because sometimes it is the right emotion to feel.

To select this weeks images, I simply covered the names of each artist so the images could speak for themselves. The ones I chose were those that connected with me because they reflected a sadness in my own journey.

Thank you to everybody who took part this week and shared a little of their own sadness.

Matt Glover

Colin Rowe

Goldie Chelmsford

Jutta Berend

Katrina Cobb

Kirsty Collett

Yevgeniya Tanasiychuk

Prue Pittock

Marjory Gardner

Lynda Bell-Mann

Leonie Cheetham

Andrew Grant

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