Thursday, 3 August 2017

Kirsty's picks - Week 30: HOME

I am a homebody through and through. My home is my comfort zone, my happy place, my safe place and my creative space. It is where I truly belong, where I am truly myself, where I am truly loved, and where everything important to me begins. 

In a way, the Challenge also feels a like a home. For many of us, it is a comfort zone, a happy place, a safe place and a creative space. It is where we achieve a sense of belonging, where we can be our true creative selves, where we are loved and supported, and where important things begin—friendships, growth, confidence and new adventures. Thank you for helping to make it such an inviting and rewarding place to be!

I have LOVED, related to and connected with so many artworks this week—home really is where the heart is!

Mandy Snow

Maggie Ivonnella
Goldie Chelmsford
Deborah Drake Norris
Andrew Grant
Sarina Dickson
Shaney Hyde
Katja Landowski-Mertes
Madde Anderson
Amie Sabadin
Becky Lazarevic
Brigit Hoogenberk
Colin Rowe
Melissa Johns
Leonie Cheetham
Kim Phelan
Prue Pittock
Peter Hinton
Helena Fogelberg
Tanja Hilgers
Victoria Mulligan
Shani Nottingham


  1. Love them! The birds are my favourite!

  2. These are ALL so wonderful. Lynn would have loved this topic and all of the picks. Andy

  3. This has been one of my favourite topics, they're all so full of heart xx


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