Thursday, 13 July 2017

penelope's picks - week 27: BUSH COUNTRYSIDE

I have just spent the last week camping. Away from the world of things that have flashing lights and alarms that beep. I was delighted to return and see such a glorious display of images on our Challenge wall. Thank you all for your illustrations that so wonderfully sum up life in the 'wilderness'. The peace, the calm, the joyriding farm animals and the mad dash when nature calls.

Andrew Grant‎
Jutta Berend‎
Sue Rinaldi
Amanda Hunt‎
Kirsty Collett‎
Clara Cook‎
Archana Sehgal‎
Peter Papamanolis‎
Chava Berele‎
Maggie Iovannella‎
Margaret Dewar‎
Melissa Johns‎
Joanne Stead‎
Danny Zemp‎

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