Thursday, 20 July 2017

joanne's picks - week 28: GROWTH

Physical growth, botanic growth, cellular growth, personal growth, economic growth... The human condition sees growth impacting every part of our lives and it was wonderful to see the very best aspects of growth celebrated on the wall this week.  Here are some illustrations that touched me with their relatability, whimsy and cleverness.

Jutta Berend
Alfonso Lourido

Brooke Reedlunn

Colin Lowe

Jessica Compton

Kim Phelan
Penelope Pratley

Linda Graham D'Agostino

Lucy Zulu Simuzingili

Margaret Schons

Marie Laure Fontan

Shani Nottingham

Sue Rinaldi

Susannah Crispe

Kirsty Collett

Goldie Chelmsford

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