Friday, 16 June 2017

trish's picks - week 23: TEXTURE

So many beautiful textures in the world, and it's so wonderful to see the many interpretations for this weeks theme.
Thankyou for creating so many great pieces. Here are just a few...



Amanda L. Ogilvie

Andrea England‎ 

Andrew Grant

Cara King‎ 

Clara Cook

Daria Ogneva

Denise Woodley‎ 

Emma Kaufmann‎ 

Ester de Boer

Gary Dadd‎ 

Joanne Stead‎ 

Judy Ormshaw‎ 

Katharine Harper‎ 

Katie W Stewart

Kim Phelan‎ 

Kirsty Collett‎

Linda Graham D'Agostino‎ 

Lucie Mammone‎ 

Maggie Iovannella

Margaret Dewar‎ 

Margaret Schons‎ 

MaryAnn Loo‎ 

Penelope Pratley

Sandra Flett‎ 

Shaney Hyde‎ 

Shani Nottingham

Sharon Ramsay Curtis‎ 

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