Thursday, 29 June 2017

melissa's picks - week 25: THE PAST

What a blast the past week on THE PAST has been (lol). You wonderfully talented, eclectic group of artists have made it truly difficult for me to choose my favourite pieces this week.

These gorgeous selections managed to catch my eye, made me stay awhile, made me zoom in, made me laugh or sigh, or simply made me keep coming back to them. Congratulations to you all!

Shaney Hyde 

Kim Phelan

Colin Rowe

Cara King

Peter Papamanolis

Sue Rinaldi

Louann Brown

Ashleigh O'Lynn

Alfonso Lourido 

Katharine Harper

Lynda Bell-Mann

Margaret Schons

Kirsty Collett 

Saga Mackenzie

Margaret Dewar
Penelope Pratley

Katrina Cobb

Brooke Reedlunn

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