Thursday, 18 May 2017

jo's picks - week 19: MUSIC

The representation of music in art is a tricky business. But so many clever people have transported me beyond the visual with their illustrations this week. Images that have taken me straight to a song, a rhythm, an emotion, or a memory.  Images that have stirred me and tickled my imagination. Here are some of my favourites -

Giada Benfatto

Akemi Ito

Amanda L Ogilvie

Brooke Reedlun

Jason Philp

Jo O'keefe

Jutta Berend

Karen Balsar

Katharine Harper

Laure Ngo

Linda Graham D'Agostino

Louann Brown

Luciana Borghi

Maja Broden (aged 8)

MaryAnn Loo

Sara Hoover

Shaney Hyde

Sharon Ramsay Curtis

Stephen Harnwell Jones

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