Wednesday, 31 May 2017

cara's picks - week 21: RED

Red week was such a vibrant week, really made me stop and look. This challenge is a wonderful way to pause and enjoy the images that come flooding into the group. There was so many that made my heart pound this week. I have selected a mere few of the many that put the red into my cheeks. Thanks for all your wonderful contributions to this weeks theme.
Jutta Berend
Shani Nottingham
Peter Hinton
Saga Mackenzie
Michele Kempees-Lewis
Brooke Reedlunn

Archana Sehgal
Matt Glover

Peter Papamanolis
Kirsty Collett

Katrina Cobb
Demelsa Haughton
Kaylin Chiao

Kim Phelan

Cecilia Trimm

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  1. Thanks for posting! I missed seeing several of these this week.


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