Wednesday, 27 July 2016

penny's picks - week 29: COLLAGE

WOW, what a delightful week on the wall with so many beautiful collage pieces. I have been pondering why this theme was so enjoyable, and have decided it is because it took me back to my days as a kid who was always making and doing, cutting, glueing and quite possibly with my tongue poking out, totally absorbed. Thanks for all your wonderful submissions and here are my picks for the week.
Agathe 5 yrs

Alice 3 yrs - Team Granny

Anne L-y So

Austen Gordon

Christopher 6 yrs

Ian McLean

George Roppingly-Goode

Gary Dadd

Fiona Weir

Elodie 5 yrs

Diana Lynn

Ivan Smith

Joanne Stead

Joanne Stead

Jolanda Jarman

Katherine Harper

Maayan Israel

Louisa 8 yrs

Linda Knoll

Linda Graham D'Agostino

Lily Tregenza

Leonie Cheetham

Maree Healey

Margaret Dewar

Marie Charrois

Marie Laure Fontan

Matt Glover

Melissa Johns

Shaney Hyde

Shaney Hyde

Ruth Walmsley

Peter Hinton

Penelopes Nest

Milka Pejovic

Solange Cavaco

Vair Buchanan
Danny Zemp


  1. Thank you for choosing so many, what a great for the eyes it's been this week! I love cutting and sticking, and it's so great to see all the different techniques

  2. Woo hoo! Thrilled that my Jack Russell collage is in such illustrious company in "Penny's Picks". Thank you!


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