Tuesday, 5 April 2016

bronny's picks - week 13: MOVEMENT

Movement makes our world go around, keeps us alive, brings us great happiness and joy. It is the cogs in the wheel, the wind on our faces, undercurrents and force of nature. It’s pleasure, pain, sadness and beauty. Music to our ears and soul. Movement is the embodiment of creativity, of light and dark. It can be quiet and sometimes almost still.
I have been thoroughly moved this week and am honoured to present some of the artworks that stirred such wonderful emotion within me. There are so many more I adored and would love to include. Thank you to all who submitted artwork and filled our wall with so much diverse and amazing art.
I hope these make your heart sing as much as they did for me. X Bronny

Anne-Marie Rickus
Grietje Drooglever Uphoff

Amy Van Den Burgh

Penny Fisher

Janet Murphy

Sue Rawlinson

Nati Dudu

Danny Zemp

Marjory Gardner

Damien Tomasz

Tais Brias Avila

Kirsty Collett

CL Christian

Audrey Katherine

Becky Lazarevic

Suzy Houghton

Akemi Ito

DeAyn Pair Greevers

Jolanda Jarman

Heidi Cooper-Smith

Kay Don

Charlotte Caupaud

Reti Adrian Marian

Izabella Ward

Clara Cook

Katharine Harper

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