Monday, 21 December 2015

meet challenge member: Vanessa Pritchard

Vanessa Pritchard

1. Your name, location
Vanessa Pritchard. Gold Coast, Queensland
by Vanessa Pritchard

2. Describe your family
I have a lovely hubby and two awesome children. Aaron is 16 and Gemma 15. I also am blessed to have my fur kids. Mr. Frodo Baggins and my dark Angel Akira.
by Vanessa Pritchard

3. Describe your work
I like to create magical landscapes, most often featuring small furry animals.
by Vanessa Pritchard

4. What is your career goal?
To sell my pictures as nursery art, prints or original. But most of all I wish to create a picture book about love, friendship and family.
by Vanessa Pritchard

5. Describe your art background
BTEC diploma in art and design, then a diploma in small studio practice. Four years at Hereford Art College with my Triplet sisters. As Triplets we set up Apple Barn and sold around the UK. We exhibited in Convent garden. Emma was a woodcarver, Mandie was a ceramist and I did constructed textiles.
by Vanessa Pritchard

6. What do you love about the Challenge? What have you learned?
It stretches my imagination to try and cover the weekly topics. I am learning new technics all the time and have settled on a style that I enjoy.

7. What is your favourite illustration you have done for the challenge so far?
The Snow Wolf is my favourite so far.
by Vanessa Pritchard

8. Tell us something that we don’t know about you
When I was in my late 20’s, I was hit by a car in an accident and broke my pelvis in two places, had paralysis in my right arm and was hospitalised for two weeks. I had to learn to walk again and thankfully regained the use of my right arm so that I could paint again.
by Vanessa Pritchard

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