Thursday, 24 December 2015

bonus challenge: Advent Calendar 2015

Thank you to all our Challenge members for taking the journey through our weekly themes of 2015 creating the most incredible, diverse, creative and stunning artworks. There have been many opportunities, success stories and positive influences that this year's Challenge has brought to so many of us, it has been a pleasure to watch people grow and shine.

On behalf of Tania and the (most incredible) Admin Team, I would like to wish you a fabulous Christmas and fun festivities, and may 2016 bring you much joy and laughter.

I have included below the Challenge members who were able to put together each of their daily Advent Calendar posts counting down to Christmas Day. It was so delightful to be witness to daily Christmas artworks.

I look forward to seeing you all next year. (check out 2016 themes HERE)

Nicky x
Nicky Johnston
Tania McCartney
Leonie Cheetham
Sally Fawcett
Amanda Hunt 
Caroline Alfreds
Cecilia Timm
Peter Hinton
Jo Freitag

Joanne Stead
Ian McLean

Joni Russell
Jacqui Peterson
Jenni Marie Web
Jolanda Jarman
Lesley McGee
Kim Fleming

Tanja Hilgers

Palmona Hodgins

Viki Anne Stokes
Lex McKay
Annely Art

Joyee Neogi

Celia Hyland

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