Wednesday, 7 October 2015

vair's picks - week 39: MELBOURNE

Hello everyone!

I've lived in Melbourne my whole life, with a short stint in Geelong, and so many of you have captured part of it so well! I couldn't choose them all so here are some great ones, but thank you all for portraying my favourite city so beautifully.
Annie Hamilton Grundy

Ben Pegram

Bryanna Pearl Talor

Caleb Salisbury

Danny Zemp

Dave Lieu

Dianna Lynn

Helen McGuire

Izabela Ward

Jayne Wallace

Jess Racklyeft

Jessica Compton

Joanne Stead

Joanne Stead

Jolanda Jarman 
Kim Bergstrom

Nicky Johnston

Patricia Ward

Samantha Cohen 
Sarah Ang

Sharon Hinchliffe

Sophie Pittaway

Cara King

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