Wednesday, 14 October 2015

lisa marie's picks - week 40: CARNIVAL

WOW what a colour filled vibrant week Carnival week was. Thank you for filling my feed with the most incredible images once again.

I know I am quiet of late commenting, as I have a heavy workload, but please know that each and every one of you that posts, brightens my day and inspires me with your creativity and the obvious passion that is evident in your work.

Keep drawing and painting and filling this world with your exquisite creations everyone.

The world needs more colour and it certainly needs the gifts you all offer it.

Here is a small selection of pieces that quite simply took my breath away this week.

Lisa-Marie x

Belladonna Raudvee

Caleb Salisbury

Clara Cook

Ian McLean

Ishrat Habib

Kate Bartholomew

Leonie Cheetham

Lex McKay

Lisa Jones

Lou Endicott

Mandy Wings

Margaret Dewar

Marie Charrois

Marie Laure Fontan

Melissa Tan

Peter Hinton

Richelle Sanders

Susan Ruming

Tash Farrar


  1. Thank you for the inclusion in this delightful gallery of Carnival themed works! So many beautiful illustrations here! :-D

  2. What an extraordinary week! So colourful and vibrant! Thank you for picking me! :-)


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