Monday, 14 September 2015

meet Challenge member: Margaret Dewar

Margaret Dewar 

1. Your name, location
Marg Dewar, I live in the Yarra Ranges at Mount Evelyn, Victoria Australia. I have countryside all around me  and I am not too far from the city.

2. Describe your family
I have a wonderful husband Robin, an IT specialist, grown-up daughters, stepchildren and quite a few beautiful grandchildren.
Week 19 2015: EAT by Margaret Dewar

3. Describe your work
I am an illustrator of real estate with the odd logo design, business cards, portrait and caricature sketches and occasional children’s book illustration. And I love working.

4. What is your career goal?
My Goal is to create books with my illustrations, mostly aimed at children. I just need some good stories to go with them.
Week 21 2015: STRIPES by Margaret Dewar

5. Describe your art background
Since I can first remember I have always loved doing art so I studied Commercial Art at Swinburne Technical College many years ago. There was a time after that where I did no art at all for more than 15 years. But the art urge became too great and I started out by illustrating in ink the old buildings around where I lived at the time and these got published in the local paper. Then I got asked by real estate agents to illustrate houses for sale and that became my career. About 20 years ago I started using a computer to produce architectural illustrations in colour. I also did illustrations for educational magazines and a couple of books.
Week 12 2014: NUMBERS by Margaret Dewar

6. What do you love about the Challenge? What have you learned?
I love the encouragement that fellow artists give those who post their art. I have benefitted by seeing how others portray the themes and have been greatly inspired. There is definitely a great sense of friendship also. It’s like being on the “Inspiration Express”.

7. What is your favourite illustration you have done for the challenge so far? 
Very hard to pick but the one I enjoyed the most was week 22 on Childhood, many good memories.
Week 22 2015: CHILDHOOD by Margaret Dewar

8. Tell us something that we don’t know about you
I am always disorganized so I need deadlines to perform, I always have them with my work and without them I flounder. The gentle deadlines of the challenge are keeping me on track and I am creating so many things that would have otherwise not been done.
Week 10 2015: Night by Margaret Dewar

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