Wednesday, 29 July 2015

sally's picks - week 29: LOVE

Ahhhhh Love... such a wonderful feeling.  I loved doing my love piece this week as I zoned out to the feeling of falling in love.  I have loved seeing all the wonderful images of love this week.  What's not to love about love.  So here are the ones that I really LOVED!

Anita Gadzinska

Sophie Pittaway

Jess Racklyeff

Marie Laure Fontan
Vair Buchanan

Natalie Daniel

Patricia Ward

Penny Fisher

Izabella Ward

Lauren Tregenza

Michelle Freeman

Peter Hinton

Ian McLean

Smell Sky Walker

Birgitta Eriksson

Deborah Parker

Heidi Cooper

Leonie Cheetham

Lesley McGee

Nicky Johnston

Peter Papamonolis

Raffaella Picotti

Ramona Van Bakkum

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