Monday, 13 July 2015

meet challenge admin - Heidi Cooper

Heidi Cooper

1. Name, Location 
Heidi Cooper Smith, Brisbane

2. Describe your family
Three small children - the eldest in Prep, the youngest a very determined and adventurous two year old.  Oh and a neglected middle child of four;).  Husband in IT who helps me enormously with all things computery.
Week 48 2014: FOX by Heidi Cooper

3. Describe your drawing style:
Character driven, detailed and fairly realistic, but often whimsical.  I usually start by creating an under painting in a single watercolour pencil, then adding colour and depth with layers of coloured pencils and/or pastel.

4. What is your career goal?
To be a full-time illustrator, part time author and artist.
Week 4 2015: INSECT by Heidi Cooper

5. What is your art background?
I studied art/music at Uni, but specialised in Ceramics, going on to do further study in this area and then working as a potter/sculptor/teacher for many years.  I started drawing again in week 2 of the challenge in 2014 with a nervous pencil sketch of one of my girls (shown here).
Week 2 2014: KIDS by Heidi Cooper

6. What do you love about the Challenge?
Where to start…  It has simply transformed my life.  It started me drawing after a 20 year break.  It made me look forward to each and every day with excitement.  It was directly responsible for scoring me my first illustration contract.  But I think, best of all, it put me in regular contact with an amazingly talented, inspiring and wonderfully supportive group of diverse but fundamentally like-minded souls, something I’ve never had before.

7. Tell us something that we don’t know about you
I have a full biological sister, 11 years older than me, who was born and raised in the UK (now in Spain).  Her adoptive family completely lacked any kind of artistic involvement, yet she went on to complete her Masters in scientific illustration and, when I finally met her in my 20s, she’d been working for a Portuguese ceramics company for 10 years.  We also both played clarinet!

Week 43 2014: BIRD by Heidi Cooper

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