Wednesday, 17 September 2014

nicky's picks - week 37: BALLOON

I am sure everyone will agree  that this week's theme 'balloon' was just so beautiful to watch on the wall. Even though picking illustrations for the blog is getting harder and harder, I am always so excited to see the huge variety of composition, mediums and interpretations challenge members are posting.

Thank you everyone for participating in yet another fabulous week of creativity.

x Nicky

Janet Murphy

Paul Heppell

Sally Fawcett

Tracey Read

Kate Bouman

Kim Bergstom

Melissa Tan

Mitch Vane

Natalie Daniel

Patricia Tejada

Stuart Ingram

Ann Abraham

Vair Buchanan

Damien Thomasz

Heidi Cooper

Jess Racklyeft

Judy Watson

Kylie Box

Lisa-Marie Kerr (Mia 8 yrs)

Tania McCartney
Vicky Pratt

Adrian Saich
Sally-May Lott (Z.Lott 5 yrs)

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