Friday, 5 September 2014

learn: Yupo Paper and Watercolour with Trish Davis

At first it can be quite a challenging technique, persevere and you will be amazed at what you can do with this amazing paper.


Yupo Paper
Watercolour paints (of your choice)
Watercolour pencil (a light colour)
Gold and Silver spray paint
Fine mist bottle
Brush and rigger brush (for fine lines)

Roughly sketch your drawing with watercolour pencil. Lightly wet your butterfly with clean water trying not to go out of your sketch (otherwise the paint will follow the water).

sketch with watercolour pencil

Starting with the wings paint with your choice of colours ( 2 would be best until you understand how the paint can be manipulated)

adding colour
2 colours added

With a clean paintbrush & clear water slowly drag your brush around the outside edge of the wings just touching the paint. This will move the paint to where you want the shape to go.

moving paint to desired shape

At this stage you can spray finely inside the wings ONLY to move the paint around.

spray finely

Continue with the yellow / blue for the flowers & leaves. Spraying only where u want to manipulate the colours.

flowers and leaves

With a lightly damp tissue you can wipe around & shape your butterfly if needed, or clean away any mishaps.

clean away mishaps with tissue

Using gold & silver spray paint, spray very lightly where you would like the colour to go. Be very careful when doing this otherwise you will end up with a big blob of paint.  Using your fine mist water spray you will be able to manoeuvre the spray paint to your liking.

gold and silver spray paint

Finely add your detail to your butterfly very carefully.

Mostly have fun because it's only a piece of paper.

Thank you
Trish Davis

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