Wednesday, 19 March 2014

tania's picks - week 11: ARCHITECTURE

I had been SO looking forward to this week--the theme is a personal favourite of mine--and I wasn't disappointed with the stunning creations. Just check out some of my picks for week 11. Can you even believe how sensational these are?? And you can check out more more more on the Facebook Group page.

Heidi Cooper

Ian McLean

Jen Barton

Kate Bouman

Katrin Dreiling

Mary Flynn

Michelle Evans

Paul Heppell

Penny Fisher

Richelle Sanders

Rosalie Street

Sophie Pittaway

Vicki Noel Hilder

Vicky Pratt

Dee White

Alex, age 5

Debbie Kiem

Amanda Falvo

Annabel Kennedy

Anneliese, age 6

Cecilia Clark

Deb Shewan

Denyse Whelan

Michelle Evans

Grace, age 7

Jess Racklyeft

Luisa Gioffre Suzuki

Toni Griffiths

Tracey Lennon

Anne Spudvilas

Burcu Musselwhite

Claire Weigall Purcell

Grace Bryant

Jacqui Petersen

James, age 9

Sheree Kennington

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