Wednesday, 12 March 2014

tania's picks - week 10: PATTERN

Yet again, so many fabulous illustrations for PATTERN week--all absolutely gorgeous. Here are some of my own faves. Do you have some favourites?

Bronwen Billinghurst

Cooper, age 5

Heidi Cooper

Judy Watson

Julie Sharman-Chidlow

Kate Bouman

Kim Bergstrom

Cecilia Clark

Charms Le Den

Kristy Teal

Leonie Cheetham
Michele Adams Norman

Michelle Evans

Natalie Daniel

Nicky Johnston

Patricia Ward

Paul Heppell

Penny Fisher

Sarah Collins Thomson

Sheryl Gwyther

Susy Houghton

Ugur Altun

Vicki Noel Hilder

Vicky Pratt

Violaine Bernard

Leonie Cheetham

Aura Parker

Deb Shewan

Elizabeth Taylor

Heather Suzuki

Jemma Phillips

Kelly McDonald

Sally Mazak

Sian, age 9

Tanya Hempson

Bettina Dodson

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  1. I loved Pattern week, especially the varying fruit (banana to banana peel, orange to orange peel etc.)


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