Thursday, 7 December 2017

Matt's Picks - Week 48: Africa

I'd love to go to Africa someday. The animals, people and culture fascinate me, and the whole continent seems to radiate a beautiful 'otherness' that I hope it never loses.

My approach to choosing the images for this week was to simply look at the photo page where you can see all the images submitted, but not who submitted them. Those that I've picked connected to me in a way that was deeper than "that's a nice picture".

Congratulations to everybody that submitted a piece this week, especially to the newer members that have joined us in the last month. Well done!

Amanda Hunt

Amanda Roberts

Anna Snorrepot

Dora Hagen

Gary Dadd

Ivan Smith

Lynda Bell-Mann

Linda Graham D'Agnostino

Leonie Cheetham

Kim Pheelan

Katherine Harper

Jutta Berend

Vincent Cavanagh

Toni Fanali

Shani Nottingham

Peter Papamanolis

Maggie Iovannella

Ma KoMe

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