Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Cara's Picks - Week 41: Bookshop

I'm delighted to be on picks this week, as bookshops are one of my favourite places! It was so wonderful to visit all your bookshops and experience the delightful world within. A space of paper, words, pictures, learning and creativity. Ahhh bliss. Thank you for all your contributions, it was difficult to select only a few of the wondrous homage to bookshops you have created this week.

Katrina Cobb
Jutta Berend
Colin Rowe
Goldie Chelmsford
Kim Phelan
Margaret Dewar
Alex Pick
Lex McKay

Chava Berele
Suzi Jean Templer

Amanda Hunt
Luciana Borghi
Deborah Drake-Norris

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