Thursday, 16 March 2017

leonie's picks - week 10: WEEKEND

Who doesn't love the weekend!

Personally they are my favourite two days of the week. I know from the images on The Wall this week that we all share similar thoughts about what weekends are all about, whether it be a trip away, walking on the beach, sleeping in, reading a book or the newspaper, walking the dog, going for a hike ... the choices for relaxation are endless. Sadly though, all these fabulous activities need to be be balanced with ... the dreaded weekend chores.

Here are just a few of your wonderful illustrations that made me smile, laugh and groan (especially about chores!) as well as long for the weekend - well done everyone! Pop on over to The Challenge Wall to view more fabulous weekend activities.

 Patricia Hodges

 Andrea England
 Andrew Grant
 Anne L-y So
Clara Cook 

 Colin Rowe

Damien Thomasz 

Erica Dullege Web
 Gary Dadd

 Linda Graham D'Agostino

 Lindsay Chandler

Lindsay Goodale

 Lisa Morgan

 Louann Brown

 Marketa Havlova

 Matthias Hollander

 Melissa Johns

 Olga Rozhkova

Shaney Hyde

 Sonia PB Gomes

Winterberry Art

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