Wednesday, 19 October 2016

penny's picks - week 41: ISLAND

Thank you all for contributing to my week of escapism, these picks took me away from the everyday and filled me with joy and wonder.
Penelopes Nest
Akemi Ito

Amy Haynes

Ashleigh O'Lynn

Becky Lazarevic

Birgitta Eriksson

Cara King

Chelsea Budarick

Erica Dullege Webb
Jian Guan

Gary Dadd

Ivan Smith

Janet Murphy

Jenni Marie Webb

Joshua Hurtado

Katharine Harper

Kerrie Robertson

Lex McKay

Lisa Jones

Lola Azul

Marta Tesoro

Matt Glover

Nekoshi Yngvi

Paul Heppell

Peter Hinton

Peter Papamanolis

Reynel Kruger

Sharon Wedel
Leonie Cheetham

Vanessa Pritchard
Susan Hoppe Krempa


  1. Always learning from this beautiful challenge. And .... so glad to be here!!. Thanks a lot.

  2. So Wonderful illustrations !!!! Congratulations everyone !! they are fantastics !! Hugs. Caty


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