Friday, 8 May 2015

challenge member magnets and badges

Thanks to the innovation of Tania McCartney the 52-week Illustration Challenge has grown into an amazing, supportive and encouraging community of like-minded creative souls, now tipping beyond 3500 members world-wide.

To celebrate this unique and valuable group, we have produced some badges and magnets that many of the members own, display and wear with the utmost pride.

The 2015 Challenge logo was designed by Sally-May Lott who was chosen from a huge range of submitted logo ideas. (See the logo finalists HERE and read about Sally-May HERE)

Thank you to the members who have sent me photos of their own badge and magnet.

Badges are magnets are available for purchase HERE....feel free to send in a photo once it arrives!

Staying creative,

Katharine Harper
Katharine Harper

Anne-Marie Hudon

Bronny Boniface

Bronny Boniface

Dawn Packer

Diana Lynn

Ian McLean

Lesley McGee

Michele Kempees-Lewis

Tania McCartney

Sally-May Lott

Samantha Cohen

Samantha Cohen

Sara Valentino

Vair Buchanan

Nicky Johnston
Cara King
Cathy Creamer

Did you spot another addition to the 'Badge of Honour' collection for Challenge members?

YES..... more Challenge member items will be available soon.....(watch this space!)

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