Wednesday, 22 April 2015

leonie's picks - week 15: VIETNAM

Good morning Vietnam! 

OK so it may not be morning as you’re reading this, but it certainly was a fun week for me to do the picks as I love Vietnam. Doubt me? I've been back for holidays three times over the last 18 years. I even have nine pieces of Vietnamese artwork hanging on the walls of my home. If you haven’t been there, go soon, you won’t regret it as the people, landscapes, food and culture are extraordinarily beautiful. 

It was a trip down memory lane for me with my favourite Vietnamese things - lanterns, conical hats, rice terraces, ao dais, lotus flowers, food, ceramics, cute children, boats and regional costumes. I grew up during the Vietnamese War, so it was also interesting for me to see certain Challenge members tackle their illustrations from this perspective too.

I leave you with my picks – not necessarily the best artwork nor the most liked, but the ones that resonated with me personally. Well done everyone – I was truly back in Vietnam for a short while! I was also very naughty and included my little Vietnamese ducks as they are an iconic symbol of this amazing country.

So whilst your munching on your rice paper roll, pop on over to The Challenge Wall to see even more fabulous Vietnamese artwork.

Thuong thuc (enjoy)!

Alison Smallwood

Andrea England

Annie Hamilton-Grundy

Aska TheIllustrator

Belladonna Raudvee

Birgitta Eriksson

Cherie Atea Bitanga

Katharine Harper

Chrystal Rankin
Katie Stewart
Laura Bond

Lesley McGee

Linda Stanway

Lisa-Marie Kerr

Margaret Dewar

Marie Laure Fontan

Marilyn Valkijainen
Meredith Jean

Nicky Johnston

Nicole Trapnell
Raffaella Picotti

Ramona Davey

Richelle Sanders

Sally Fawcett

Samantha Cohen

Sarah Ang

Sharna Smith

Tanja Hilgers

Vanessa Pritchard
Leonie Cheetham

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